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IBM 1440 Project

1440 Data Processing System

Restoration Progress Reports

CT&I and IBM Archives are collaborating on the restoration of an IBM 1440 System, a low-cost mainframe designed and built in Endicott for small business, available from Oct 1962- Feb 1971.

The surviving system components, which include a 1441 processing unit, a 1447 stand alone console, a 1311 disk drive, cables, and manuals was donated to the IBM collection by David Clapp. The machine is on loan from IBM Archives to CT&I for three years. CT&I is recruiting a team to clean, restore if possible, and display the 1440 as part of an exhibit on the evolution of circuit packaging to be unveiled in 2011 in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the system’s release in 1961.

You can help the IBM 1440 project in a couple of ways:

1) Share your recollections of designing, building, selling, or servicing the 1440 system. We are especially interested in photographs or footage from the 1960s.

2) Join the hands-on restoration effort that begins in Spring 2010 at CT&I in downtown Binghamton.

3) Contribute to CTandI to support the IBM 1440 project.

IBM 1440

Image courtesy of IBM Corporation

Big Iron Golden Anniversary re 1440

IBM Systems Magazine Sept/Oct 2012

IBM 1442 Card Reader

See the reader in operation